Mother Goose B. Goode
Season N/A, Episode N/A
Written by Guy Vasilovich
Danny Antonucci
Directed by Jon Izen
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Mother Goose is sick of being evil so she decides to be good.


  • The song that was sung is a parody of a song about Batman and Robin.
  • Running gags:
*Mother Goose trying to fight crime


Jingle Bells


  • Norman: Oh, that fellow over there used to be the Atomic Flounder. I know that he doesn't look like much, but he could go back to crime... (snaps fingers) ...just like that. (laughs)
    Atomic Flounder: Help! Help! Help somebody here.
    Mother Goose: You're under arrest, Atomic Flounder.
    Norman: Stop, mummy. Stop! Let him go.
    Mother Goose: But you said he could snap... (snaps fingers) ...just like that.
    Atomic Flounder: What? Get off of me. If I weren't retired, I'd, I'd... (screams to make lasers come out of his mouth and burns Wilbur's head) that! Out of my way, punk.