Drop-in Sometime
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date September 1st, 2011
Written by Carol Noble
Directed by Jon Izen
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A Change of Memory


Mother Goose plans to stink out P Town with some super stinky duck droppings.


  • Carol Noble writes this episode. She co-created Dennis and Gnasher with Pet Squad creator Caimh McDonnell.
  • Bingo flies with the jet knocking out some ducks, and flying past a plane. If you look closely, there is a drawing of a kid on its tail.
  • Running gags:
    • Bingo farting
    • People having hallucinations
    • Ducks bombing P Town with stink bombs


I'm A Naughty Little Shepardess


  • Dodge: [using british accent] Okay, Roger!
    Bingo: Er, I'm Bingo.
  • Cheif Delaney: P Town is being stinkbombed! [splatted by stinkbombs] Pooey!
    Dodge: We're on it!
    Bingo: Smells don't scare us, Cheif Delaney. [farts; Dodge and Sheeba moan in disgust while Bingo giggles]